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Although there are numerous other methods of generating electricity, solar panels have a number of considerable advantages for the consumer, the producer, and the environment.

Solar Electric

Solar Power plants, which consist of large collections of solar panels arranged in arrays for generating commercial electricity, are becoming more and more frequent these days. Power companies receive huge government grants for these and we “pony up” to pay for it.

Many independent thinking and cost minded communities and individuals across America have already set up solar power stations. Once you make the initial investment in hardware, you will harvest free  electricity for 30 years and more.

For many people it is becoming clear, solar panels can free the individual or business from being entirely dependent on the power grid and the monopolistic energy supplier.


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  • The solar modules are connected in series somewhat like batteries to generate the final system DC voltage
  • The solar array output of current is routed from the roof to the inverter (normally mounted next to the electrical panel)
  • The inverter converts the solar array power from a high voltage DC to a clean 120V AC.
  • The 120V AC output of the inverter goes through a dedicated electric meter whose only function is to record all the solar energy kWh that are produced day to day.
  • The 120V AC continues to flow from the solar meter to a dedicated breaker in your homes electrical panel.
  • This integrates your solar electricity to both your house and the utility grid.
  • When your solar system is providing the exact amount of power that your house is currently using, then your electric meter will stand still.
  • When your solar system is providing more power than your house or business is using, then any excess will flow backwards through the utility meter and you will be building a credit with your utility company.
  • When your solar system is providing less power than your house is using, then the utility grid will provide the rest; however, your meter will be spinning forward only for the excess electricity that is required.
  • Track your solar energy production like our customers do in real time with a web-based dashboard.

The complete system requires mounting hardware, wire sizing, junction boxes, grounding equipment, over current protection, DC and AC disconnects and many other accessories. Once installed, your PV system requires very little maintenance (especially if no batteries are used), and will produce electricity cleanly and quietly for 30 years and more.

High quality always starts with a good design.  The results: our customers are saving even more money than we initially engineered.   Everything Solar has many references to verify this outcome.

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