How To Install A Solar Attic Fan?

Solar Attic Fans can effectively reduce the heat inside your attic and make your house comfortable even without continuous air conditioning. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about solar fans and how to install a solar attic fan in your home.


Do you find it hard to keep your house cool in the summers? Is the hot, overbearing sun causing your rooms, and your attic to heat up? Are you afraid that the heat and humidity will cause mold and mildew in your attic? Are you tired of the high electricity bills due to the constant use of air conditioners? Don't worry, there is an easy solution to all of your problems!


One major reason all these problems arise in the summer months is because of the heat accumulated in your attic. In hot months, the attic in your home can heat up to temperatures of over 120 F and this heat travels throughout the house making it hot and uncomfortable to live in. 


Air conditioning is crucial in these months but the increasing electricity bills put a strain on your finances. The constant battle between the air conditioners and the accumulated hot air also makes it difficult for the ACs to work at their full potential, leaving the house warm despite the constant cooling. 

Solar Attic Fans

What is a Solar Attic Fan?


As the name suggests, solar attic fans are powered by solar energy that converts it into mechanical energy for the attic fan. It is a ventilation system that is installed on your roof to lower the temperature of the attic so less heat is captured above your home. It's an effective, green, and sustainable way for you to cool your home down in the summers and save costs on air conditioning and electricity.

How Do Solar Attic Fans Work?


Solar attic fans have a similar mechanism as a solar panel; with plates on the top that harvest the sunlight during the day. They are placed on your roof with a direct opening into the attic which enables air to be thoroughly ventilated throughout the attic.


Solar attic fans do not need to work all the time, just when the sun shines on your roof and heats the attic. Luckily, when the sun is at its peak, the panels that power your solar attic fan create electricity and ventilates the attic. 


Solar Attic Fans Concept

Since solar fans are stimulated through sunlight, they are extremely important and useful when it comes to overheating homes in the hot summer months. This reduces the amount of work that your HVAC system does to cool your home to a desirable temperature.


Solar attic fans reduce the load and can increase the life of your Air Conditioning unit while being a green alternative for cool air in the summer months. The attic in your home heats up and works like a radiator, slowly heating your house to the point of making it unbearable. A solar attic fan can improve the quality of your life by saving money and taking the load off your AC unit, prolonging its life and improving efficiency.


The process of installation is straightforward but requires a lot of tools and in-depth information about how to install a solar attic fan. You can install a solar fan yourself but it is recommended that you consider professionals like those working at Everything Solar to do the job well. 


How to Install a Solar Attic Fan Unit?


Installing solar attic fans is pretty straightforward but there are few things to keep in mind before you proceed. You can take the DIY method and follow the instructions diligently or hire a professional company like Everything Solar to make your job easier. 

The steps are simple and listed below to give you the detailed information needed on how to install a solar attic fan:


  1. Make Sure You Have Attic Ventilation
    The solar attic fans pull out the hot air out of your attic to be replaced by fresh, cold air. For this to work effectively, you need to make sure your attic has a workable vent. Most attics have small openings on the eaves of the roof known as soffit ventilation. The first step is to make sure you have proper attic ventilation before starting the process of installation. 
  2. Cut a Hole on The Roof
    Since your solar attic roof requires optimum sunlight to work, secure a place on your roof that receives the best sunlight. The south or South-West side is generally the more preferred one. Measure out where you want the fan and mark a 19” opening for it. This is where your solar attic fan will fit through and work to remove the hot air from your attic. The next step is to cut out the measured hole with a reciprocating saw and cutting out the opening to ensure a smooth installation.
  3. Install The Solar Attic Fan 
    Once you have completed the first two tasks, you need to remove the shingles from around the vent opening. Removing the staples will allow the unit to slide in place easily and effectively without a hitch. The next thing you need to do is secure the fan in place. For this, you must apply a continuous layer of tri-polymer roofing cement around the hole and set the solar attic fan over the hole. 


Attach the unit to the roof and secure it with screws and proper wires. Caulk around the solar unit and over the screws to ensure stability and a weather-tight installation. Replace all the roof shingles from around the vent with 1 ½ inch roofing nails. 


The process is comparatively simple and easy but it does pose some serious risks. The tools required to install solar attic fans are heavy-duty and can cause physical injury if not used with the advised caution. Additionally, cutting and sawing the roof alone is a dangerous job and preferably, should not be done without professional help or guidance. Any professional roofer or solar company like Everything Solar can efficiently install solar attic fans in a couple of hours.


At Everything Solar, we have several expert technicians who have extensive knowledge of solar attic fans and have years of experience in the installation process. We put customer satisfaction at the top of our list and will make sure you are satisfied with our service before we leave. 


Solar Attic Fans

The Advantages of a Solar Attic Fan

There are multiple advantages for installing a solar attic fan in your home and some of them are:

Lowers the cost of utility bills.

  • Prolongs the life of your air conditioning unit by taking the workload off it
  • Keeps your attic cool and allows proper ventilation to take place
  • Helps in the elimination of mold and mildew by getting rid of the moisture in the attic
  • Serves as a green alternative for cooling your homes and is eco-friendly
  • Is durable and the installation process takes less than 6 hours 
  • Inexpensive and has a very long life since it is hurricane-proof

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Attic Fans in Florida


  • Are Solar Fans Worth It?

Solar fans can be an excellent addition to any home, especially in a hot climate. It provides better circulation to the entire house and effectively gets rid of the hot air. It uses solar energy which makes it a good investment for the environment and your home. It also reduces the cost of utility and air conditioning bills as it takes the load off your HVAC units. It can make a difference by making your home considerably cooler, especially if you have an attic that heats up during the summer months.

How Do You Install a Solar Attic Fan On a Metal Roof?


The process of installing solar attic fans on a metal roof is pretty much the same as a wooden roof. The angle, orientation, and venting of the roof are important considerations while installing solar attic fans. Different tools must be required to cut through the metal roof to make space for the solar attic fan to fit in.


  • Is Solar or Electric Fan Better?

Solar fans are better than electric fans because they use green, renewable energy to function. The panels situated on the fans collect solar energy which is converted into electricity that powers the fans. They are also better than electric fans because the sunlight stimulates the solar fans to work when there is a need for ventilation in hot humid summer months.


The process of installing is also simpler and easier than an electric fan since no wires are required for the solar fans to work effectively. 


Final Word

Solar attic fans are one of the best innovations of the past two decades. They are a great alternative to air conditioning and they are cheaper to install, while saving you money long term. It has multiple advantages, the most evident being that these fans use renewable energy to work. 

The process of installation and use of solar fans is fairly simple but if there are still any queries, feel free to contact Everything Solar.