Solar Panel Installation Tools | Must-Have Tools | Function Of Tools

In the last few years, solar panels have seen immense growth as they become more affordable and efficient while electricity prices continue to soar.  Due to this, many homeowners are now switching to solar energy and other sustainable means to power their homes.


Therefore, if you find yourself installing your solar panels in Orlando as part of a DIY project, you might be asking What tools do you need to install solar panels in Orlando? Can I install solar panels myself? Do I need a permit? We are here to help you answer these questions and more.

Guy using Solar Panel Installation Tools

Site Assessment Tools


For house building organizations and DIY solar panel installations, this website is a helpful resource. It evaluates whether your new home is ready for solar. As you plan your installation, you should also be on the lookout for shading problems such as neighboring tall buildings, trees, etc.


What tools do you need to install solar panels in Orlando?


The tools required for a successful solar panel installation are:


Digital Multimeter

Instead of buying a separate ohmmeter, voltmeter, and ammeter, you can simply purchase a digital multimeter to confirm the power (in Watts) of each solar cell while also checking the quality of the power that it provides. This versatility makes it one of the Must-have tools for installation. When we are asked What tools do you need to install solar panels in Orlando, this is often our first suggestion.

The Digital Multimeter works by checking the output of the photovoltaic system that Solar Panels use to convert light energy into power. It is one of the solar panel installation tools that’s not just helpful during installation but also for further maintenance.


Hack Saw

Solar panels usually rest on rails that you install on your rooftop so, to cut them in the right dimensions you will need a hack saw. They are rather cheap and convenient to use, especially since they are a requirement both before and after installation.


Conduit Bender

Wiring tends to go at odd angles when installing solar panels. Therefore, you must have a conduit bender to add a layer of protection to it. They are often paired with channel locks to tighten their group on the wire.



You will require a handy set of screwdrivers for most operations involving installing a solar panel. The panels are held tightly in place mostly through screws so, a good screwdriver will be incredibly useful during the mounting process of your solar panel installation.


Battery Operated Drill

When asked: What tools do you need to install solar panels in Orlando? We believe this is also one of the most important ones. The installation work of solar panels is very difficult to do with corded drills because they often come with the increased risk of falling, which can be quite dangerous, if not fatal. Hence, we suggest using a powerful, portable, and convenient battery-operated drill for working on your rooftop.


PV Testers

A recent addition to the tools required for a solar panel installation is a PV tester, which can be a good alternative to a multimeter if you don’t have one. Depending on your model, you won’t just get current and voltage readings to check the efficiency of your panels but also in-depth remote measurements which will keep you updated on the condition of your panels.


Wire Cutter

Cable and wire management can get messy when installing solar panels, especially with multiple installations. Ensure that you have a wire cutter so that you only use the length of wire that you need when doing your solar panel installation.


Cable Connector Tools

Electrician must-have tools such as high-quality pliers will ensure that there is no risk of electrocution when you are installing electrical lines. Pliers are available in sets that are purposefully built for solar panel installation.


Tape Measure

Speaking of cutting cables to the perfect dimensions, a tape measure will be the perfect tool throughout the installation process. This is a surefire way to ensure that your solar panels are leveled on the roof since it lets you measure the number of solar panels your roof can accommodate at once.


Solar Panel Hangers

 A new piece of equipment in the industry is a solar panel hanger that lets you safely mount your panels on a rail. This used to be a risky procedure which often meant that you had to manage your battery cell on the roof while installing panels that were at the constant risk of falling.

Man on roof installing Solar Pool heating system in Orlando

Additional Tools to Consider (especially for multiple installations)

Flat Pry Bar

Unfortunately, most roofs are designed with shingles that require a pry bar for you to successfully mount your rail directly on the roof or beneath them. This tool will help you safely mount the rails so you can continue with the rest of the installation procedure.

Caulk Gun

Leakage can be a very scary prospect when you are drilling holes directly on your rooftop. When you are certain that your screws are tightened on the roof-top rails, use the caulk gun to apply a sealant and keep them firmly in place without leakages.

Tools for Battery Systems

A battery charge controller is a helpful device when it comes to elongating the battery life that you gain from your cell. A panel might generate much more voltage than the battery could handle during full sun. Therefore, a device that helps regulate said voltage is really convenient in this scenario. It also stops the battery from overcharging and over-discharging, both of which are risk factors for a shortened battery life.

Fall Protection

Adequate footwear, helmets, and other protective gear for fall protection are something we emphasize on because installing a solar panel yourself can be a very risky procedure. This is also why all Solar panel installation tools are designed around preventing the risk of falling.

The Bottom Line

Installing solar cells yourself is one of the best ways of saving costs on the whole setup process. So, we hope that our thorough list helps you answer the pressing question of What tools do you need to install solar panels in Orlando? This will be helpful in your own solar panel installation process.