Central Florida Solar Frequently Asked Questions

How does solar work?  Is solar electricity a good option in Orlando and Central Florida?  

We get these questions everyday.  Solar power is our passion and we love to explain how your home can be "powered by daylight"!  


How does solar power work? 


1. The solar modules are connected in series like batteries to generate the final system DC voltage


2. The solar array current output is routed from the roof to the inverter (normally mounted next to the electrical panel)


3. The inverter converts the solar array power from a high voltage DC to a clean 120V AC.


4. The 120V AC flows from the solar meter to a dedicated breaker in your electrical panel.


5. When your solar system is providing the exact amount of power that your house is currently using, then your electric meter will stand still.


6. When your solar system is providing more power than your house or business is using, then any excess will flow backwards through the utility meter and you will be building a credit with your utility company.


 7. When your solar system is providing less power than your house is using, then the utility grid will provide the rest; however, your meter will be spinning forward only for the excess electricity that is required.


 8. The complete system requires mounting hardware, wire sizing, junction boxes, grounding equipment, over current protection, DC and AC disconnects and many other accessories. Once installed, your PV system requires very little maintenance, and will produce electricity cleanly and quietly for 30 years and more.



Is solar electricity a good option in Orlando & Central Florida?

Absolutley!  Central Florida receives between 2,400 and 2,800 hours of sunshine annually, making it perfect for optimal solar production.


If you have additional questions or are interested in a free solar analysis, we look forward to helping you!  Please call Everything Solar at 407-545-3590 or send us a message online.