What You Need to Know About Commercial Solar Pool Heater

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Commercial pools are one of the leading causes of water consumption in the world. At nearly every hotel, commercial spa, resort, large property in a sunny part of the world, you go to you are likely to find some form of the commercial pool being used.

Commercial swimming pools have become adapted to providing a way to increase profits. It has been estimated that these types of pools consume over three times more water than your average residential pool!

While this is clearly bad for the environment it also costs businesses an arm and a leg; sometimes even literally to heat them! That's where commercial solar pool heaters come in.

Instead of using conventional, environmentally destructive methods to keep commercial pools warm during the cold winter months, commercial solar pool heaters are the perfect solution.

Commercial solar pool heater technology is still relatively new compared with that of residential systems. But, in general, they work in much the same way as their residential counterparts.

The primary difference is in how they are installed. Commercial solar pool heating systems are designed specifically for businesses. This means each one is built with its own filtration system. With that, you don't have to worry about an additional monthly cost when it comes time to do maintenance on your commercial solar pool heater system.Text...

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Why Should You Choose Solar Pool Heating for Your Commercial Pool

Commercial swimming pool in Orlando needing a commercial solar pool heater

Solar energy is one of the most abundant resources on Earth and that is a fact of which most people are already aware. Businesses, however, seem to be behind in taking advantage of this technology.

Luckily there are many reasons why commercial solar pool heating just makes sense when it comes to your business. Here are just some of them:


Commercial solar pool heaters offer average savings in monthly utility bills of over 50%. That's something you can brag about! You don't have to pay for costly electricity or fuel costs. Solar energy is free once the initial purchase has been made. It will never run out, unlike fuel sources which do.


Solar pool heating is an excellent way to save the environment without sacrificing your profits or comfort in the process. Commercial solar pool heating creates jobs in the community. Each one requires at least two technicians for installation and maintenance once it has been finished. Your employees will be grateful that they don't have to deal with harsh chemicals anymore when it's time to clean your commercial pool!

Commercial Solar Pool Heater Maintenance

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Commercial solar pool heater systems are very similar to residential solar pool heating systems when it comes to maintenance. Each commercial solar pool heating system is equipped with a few key components. These must be checked on regularly in order to keep your water clean and warm.


Pool heat pumps are the primary energy source for these types of commercial solar pool heating systems. But, these pumps can only work efficiently if all their filters are clear. This means you MUST make sure they are kept free of debris at all times!

Here are some tips and ways how you can maintain your commercial solar pool heater systems:


1) Regularly check your water temperature. This is usually done through the use of a pool thermometer that you place in the center of your pool. You are looking for an average water temperature of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit.


2)  The second thing to keep an eye on is what's floating on top of the water's surface. If there are any leaves or other debris it will affect how your commercial solar pool heating system operates. Clear out these items immediately if they make their way into your swimming space!


3)  By far, the most important component in any commercial solar pool heating system is its pump. Keeping debris away from this part of the commercial solar pool heating system can be essential when it comes time to clean up your business's pool.


It goes without saying, but regular cleaning is essential to the maintenance of any commercial solar pool heating system.

Commercial Solar Pool Heater Costs

Commercial Solar Panels used to heat a pool in Orlando

Depending on how big your pool is and whether or not you have a filtration system will determine the exact cost for each commercial solar pool heater installation.


The biggest part of that cost comes from the amount of premium equipment that must be used in order to keep your water at an ideal temperature. Your average residential system needs only two or three basic parts to function properly. This includes tubing to capture the sun's rays and a pump to distribute it throughout your swimming space. Commercial systems need several more key components such as extra filters and heat exchangers to keep your business's pool clean and warm at all times.


If you follow all of these guidelines for maintenance you will ensure that your commercial solar pool heater runs smoothly without too many hiccups along the way. It's not difficult to occasionally check your system, but it is vital to keeping your employees happy and comfortable!

Commercial Solar Pool Heater Benefits

Decking and commercial pool side in Orlando

Commercial solar pool heater systems are becoming more popular every day. There are several reasons why they make an excellent choice for businesses like yours:

1.) Convenience

Your employees won't have to deal with harsh chemicals anymore when they want to keep their swimming space warm throughout the year! Most commercial solar pool heaters do not require any additional chemicals or cleaners to operate. This reduces the overall cost of the commercial solar pool heating system installation

2.)  Higher Customer Satisfaction

Having a clean swimming area is always important to your customers, especially during the summertime when they are looking for ways to enjoy themselves with family or friends. Commercial solar pool heater systems will help you achieve this every day without any extra effort on your part!

3.) Environmentally-Friendly

Commercial solar pool heaters don't require electricity or fossil fuels to function properly. They only need the sun and will do all of the work for you if you follow proper maintenance guidelines and leave them be! Solar power is clearly one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to maintain warm water at all times without spending large amounts of money!

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Installing a commercial solar pool heater is a great investment to make. Not only will it pay for itself in a few years' time, but your customers will appreciate how clean the water is every single day! Make sure you only use commercial solar pool heater installation specialists who can get the job done correctly from start to finish.