Will solar work on my home?

These are items to consider...

Solar energy is a great way to save money, but how do you know if will work well on your home?  Take a look at the position of your home on its lot and particularly your roof. Ask the following questions:


1. Is there any southern exposure? Florida is known for its sunshine and warmth.  Why?  Because it is in the southeast.  Orienting solar modules in a southerly direction, maximizes the effectiveness of how much energy you will harvest over time. East and West exposures are ok, but will produce slightly less.


2. Is the exposure free of trees or buildings or other obstructions that could shade the panels or drop debris on them? Shading on any area of photovoltaic modules will reduce efficiency. There are also micro inverters and other optimizers to eliminate this situation.


3.  What is the pitch  (i.e. how steep) , area and material of your roof ?


Most roofs, from flat to 60-degrees can accommodate photovoltaic panels. Ground mounted systems work well enough with unobstructed area.


4.  Do you own your home?  We install solar system you get to own, so it is necessary to own the house.  


Do you have any questions or want to be "Powered by Daylight"?  We will meet with you at no cost to perform an evaluation of your needs and provide information.  Use the link below to get started.