Solar Attic Fan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solar powered attic fan and what does it do?

A solar powered attic fan is an attic ventilation fan which runs solely off solar power, where outside air is forced through the attic and powered by daylight to the outside through the vent. This method of attic ventilation is many times more effective than passive (natural) ventilation since the air inside the attic is exchanged many more times per hour with a powered vent than with a passive vent. 

Does a solar attic fan qualify for a federal tax credit?
Does a solar attic fan qualify for a state tax credit?
Does the solar attic fan shut off during winter months?
What are the cost benefits of installing a solar attic fan?
How are ridge vents, turbine vents, or gable vents different from a solar attic fan?
Why would I want to cool off my attic?
How long will a solar attic fan last?
Are these solar attic fans very loud when operating?
Is any wiring required to install your solar attic fans?
What maintenance is needed?

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