Solar Pool Heating

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any maintenance on the solar pool heating system?

The collectors are maintenance free. The solar pool heating controls that regulate the temperature can be either automatic or manual. On a manual operation, installed is a 3 way valve that is only necessary to turn off when the pool temperature reaches a desired temperature. From the end of October to mid April you will not need to operate this valve since pool water temperatures will not exceed water temps. that reach too warm. In May and June, maybe every 2 weeks adjust the valve (by-pass the solar) when it reaches your comfort level, hopouwever in most cases July-mid Sept. you will leave the 3 way valve in by-pass mode. It usually requires 4 or 5 times a year to adjust this valve.


Automatic operation requires setting a pre-set temperature and feeds a signal to a motorized valve operated by two sensors (one on the roof- another reads current pool water temp.) Once you program your desired temperature, walk away and its maintained.

Can my homeowners association refuse it?
Will I lose heat at night with solar pool heating?
What is the potential of losing the system in a hurricane?
How much longer can I (really) swim in my pool with solar?
Will solar heat my pool in December, January or early February?

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