Solar Panels in Orlando Offer:  Independence and Savings

There are numerous methods of generating electricity. Solar panels have a number of considerable advantages for the consumer, the producer, and the environment.  Solar electrical systems power your home with clean solar electricity. 

High quality always starts with a good design. The results: our customers are saving even more money than we initially engineered.  Everything Solar is a recognised solar electric contractor with over 22 years experience within the Orladno market, we have many references to verify this outcome.

Contact Everything Solar today and request a free survey of your property, to understand how much money you could be saving each and every year.

Watch this video of our solar contractors installing a set of solar panels at a residential property in Orlando, Florida.

The solar panel technology in Orlando is always changing, but the principles of harnessing the sun's energy remain the same.

In Florida state, it is required by law that a solar contractor holds a license before completing work related to installations, repairs, removal or relocation of solar panels, solar thermal or PV systems.

How Solar Electricity Works

 The solar electric modules are connected in series, like batteries to generate the final system DC voltage

 The solar array current output is routed from the roof to the inverter (normally mounted next to the electrical panel)

 The inverter converts the solar array power from a high voltage DC to a clean 120V AC.

 The 120V AC flows from the solar meter to a dedicated breaker in your electrical panel.

 When your solar electric system is providing the exact amount of power that your house is currently using, then your electric meter will stand still.

 When your solar system is providing more power than your house or business is using, then any excess will flow backwards through the utility meter and you will be building a credit with your utility company.

 When your solar electric system is providing less power than your house is using, then the utility grid will provide the rest; however, your meter will be spinning forward only for the excess electricity that is required.

 The complete system requires mounting hardware, wire sizing, junction boxes, grounding equipment, over current protection, DC and AC disconnects and many other accessories. Once installed, your PV system requires very little maintenance, and will produce electricity cleanly and quietly for 30 years and more.

Read our complete guide on how KWs the average solar panel produces, so you can generate an idea how much money you could save on energy consumption, when using solar panels in Orlando, Florida.


10 Disadvantages of Solar Panels in Orlando

We believe it is always fair to offer a balanced opinion from both sides to our customers, before our solar contractors install solar panels on any home in Orlando. This is why we have dedicated an article to the disadvantages, so you can make a fully informed decision. Head over to our blog to read more.


How to Solar Contractors make money? We explore in detail the processes and protocols that are required in order for a solar contractor to follow the state laws and earn a living from solar energy implementation.

Selling Solar Power back to the Grid

In Orlando, you may sell solar unused solar power back to the grid and it is completely tax free, providing the solar panels are on residential property. If you would like to read more about selling power back to the grid, please read our dedicated article on the subject, by clicking here.

Which Solar Electric Pansl are Right for You?

Solar panels in Orlando, installed by our solar contractors



  • Pay for system up front. No recurring payments.
  • Best value! Lowest price for solar energy.
  • Eligible for 30% Solar Tax Credit.
  • System typically pays for itself in 5-9 years.
  • Home value increases by ~ $3/watt.
Solar panels in Orlando, installed on a villa by our solar contractors



  • Zero-down financed-to-own options available.
  • Lower monthly payment. Immediate savings.
  • Eligible for 30% Solar Tax Credit.
  • Unsecured loans, HELOC, and PACE programs.
  • Home value increases by ~ $3/watt.


Let the numbers speak for us


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Solar Panel Installation - Step by Step Process

1. Consultation
2. Site Survey
3. Engineering & Permitting
4. Schedule & Install
5. Inspection
6. Interconnection
7. Generate Power
1. Consultation

We will help you determine if your house is solar compatible and create the best possible ROI.

2. Site Survey
3. Engineering & Permitting
4. Schedule & Install
5. Inspection
6. Interconnection
7. Generate Power

I have a 9KW system installed by Everything Solar. They did an amazing one day install and its working flawlessly! Great company to work with and very competitive price. Their professionalism and quality panel/inverter selection won my business over a lesser price quote from a very unprofessional competitor.


Scott P.

Everything Solar Customer

I was looking for a solar panel installer in the Orlando area and had 5 different companies give me their estimate.  Only Everything Solar went out of their way to explain everything to me in great detail so I decided to go with them, so far this is the best investment I have made in my home and my future.  I ended up installing a 7 Kw system and my bill went down to almost zero!  


Ivan R.

Everything Solar Customer