Solar Attic Fans


logoEverything Solar offers one of the highest volume solar attic fans on the market today. Our Attik Solar Exhaust® 30w(watt) photovoltaic solar panel delivers more than twice the power and removes 50% more hot air than other solar powered attic fans.


The main advantage of installing a solar attic fan is that it will help to reduce the moisture and stagnant heat in the attic. Attics can achieve temperatures of 150o Fahrenheit or more during the day. This trapped heat, once the insulation is fully absorbed, slowly seeps into your home, causing the cooling system to operate and cycle more frequently to keep current thermostat settings, costing you more money in the process.

Once installed, your solar attic fan will kick on whenever the sun is out, drawing fresh air up through your soffit vents and blowing hot, stale and humid air up and out of your attic at the same time.

Why Attik Solar Exhaust®?

Attik Solar Exhaust Fan Specifications (PDF)

Attik Solar Exhaust Warranty Card

  1. 3X the power (30 Watt Roof Exhaust Fan) to drive more hot air and moisture from your attic space faster, requiring fewer solar exhaust fans.
  2. Integrated adjust angle® solar panel that can be positioned to get the most sun from any direction.
    1. Adds more power to exhaust heat throughout the day.
    2. Provides flexibility of placement on any part of the roof.
    3. Includes a built in thermostat to activate the fan, only when attic air temperatures reach 80 degrees,  so you don’t pull in cold air when home heating is in use.
  3. Warranty quality:
    1. Lifetime Warranty on all components.
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