Service Areas in Orlando

Orlando is home to several wealthy and extravagant neighborhoods around Florida, and Everything Solar offers its services and products to areas nearby. Among the many places that we provide our work to, the following communities below have already experienced the solutions that Everything Solar has to put forward:

Rose Isle

Rose Isle is a neighborhood located 4 miles Northeast of Orlando and is situated between three beautiful lakes: Lake Estelle to its east, Lake Sue to its west, and Lake Rowena to its south. The neighborhood is home to over 400 residents, mainly living in ranch-style housing; it also features furnishing zones that house planted trees, provide excellent shade, and make its sidewalks safe and walkable. 

The neighborhood also has two parks: Lake Rowena Park, located along Lake Shore Drive, and Lake Estelle Park, situated along Dorchester St, both of which provide an excellent view of the lakes and a safe area to exercise and relax.

Rose Isle is near several restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and schools accessible via N Millis Avenue. The neighborhood is also a 20-minute drive from Universal Orlando Resort and an additional 15-min drive from Go City for those who wish for a fun family experience.
With our help, residents of Rose Isle can enjoy our latest Solar Energy solutions, and through our services, we'll ensure Rose Isle homeowners will make the most out of our solar services.

Lake Nona Estates

Lake Nona Estates is a friendly and sunny neighborhood located in Orange County, 20 miles Southeast of Orlando, and sits close to, as its name would suggest, Lake Nona alongside Buck Lake and Red Lake. Amongst all the neighborhoods in Orlando, Lake Nona Estates ranks as one of the highest when it comes to the best areas to buy a house in. It's no surprise, then, that Lake Nona Estates currently houses over 1,500 residents living in various sizeable single-family house styles, all of which are part of a diverse and safe community. 

Several establishments are located close by, with fast food chains and local restaurants for dining, supermarkets and malls for shopping, and highly rated public schools for education. Leisure activities are also present for those wishing to experience the outdoors: country clubs are located inside the neighborhood, and an adventure park is a few miles south.

And here at Everything Solar, we offer residents the opportunity to take advantage of Lake Nona Estate's constantly warm and sunny weather through our affordable and high-quality products and services.

Lake Copeland

Lake Copeland is a neighborhood located in Orange County, 10 miles north of Orlando International Airport, and in its center is a large body of water named Lake Copeland. Its currently home to 717 residents, all of whom live in various-styled housings and enjoy large furnishing zones shaded excellently with trees; perfect, as this neighborhood, like many others, experience a great deal of sunlight. Due to these qualities, Lake Copeland is very walkable, allowing residents to try out some of the establishments in the area, such as the restaurants and cafes located north and south of the lake. 

The neighborhood also sits close to several important businesses, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, medical centers, and public schools. Lake Copeland is one of the prime neighborhoods to raise a family in.

The cost of living in and around this neighborhood has increased over the years. Thankfully, through the help of Everything Solar's solutions, residents can finally use Lake Copeland's sunlight, ensuring less money is spent on bills and more for the family.

Lake Formosa

Lake Formosa is a neighborhood located west of Rose Isle, another area that Everything Solar serves; it can be reached from Orlando International Airport in 30 minutes through S Semoran Blvd. The neighborhood currently houses around 940 residents living in mostly ranch-style housing. The roads are excellently paved, with generous furnishings shaded by trees, perfect for residents who like to go on walks.

South of the neighborhood hosts plenty of bars and restaurants, making it the ideal place to stay for those who enjoy eating out and enjoying nightlife; it also has a few opportunities for sightseeing to the north: with museums and a science center. Besides this, though, the neighborhood is also near schools, convenience stores, fast-food chains, and supermarkets. Because of these qualities, Lake Formosa is one of the top neighborhoods in Orlando for young professionals to move into.
And with Everything Solar, we offer residents the opportunity to cut down on bills so they can spend more on life by subscribing to our solutions. 

Park Lake / Highlands

Located just south of Lake Formosa and 20 miles away from Orlando International Airport, Park Lake/ Highland is an Urban-style Neighborhood that houses over a thousand residents. The homes in this area are primarily dominated by ranch-style housing, with trees providing ample shade. 

There are plenty of restaurants and bars on the neighborhood's borders, giving the residents plenty of places to eat and enjoy the nights out. The community is also close to several businesses for convenience, such as stores, markets, fast food chains, and a variety of high-quality schools. Near these establishments are significant areas for sightseeing, such as museums, historical landmarks, and a community theater. Finally, as the neighborhood is directly connected to the main road, Park Lake has several transits stops nearby, providing residents with an excellent opportunity to commute. All these culminate in Park Lake being the best neighborhood in Orlando and the best place for young professionals to move into.

Heighten your lifestyle and stay in Park Lake with solutions offered by Everything Solar; with our services, residents can cut down on their electricity bills and save money along the way.

Lake Davis / Greenwood

Lake Davis is home to a dense, urban neighborhood connected to Greenwood cemetery and is located 10 miles North of Orlando International Airport and a mile south of Park Lake. The district currently houses over a thousand residents living primarily in ranch-style and colonial revival-inspired houses. 
Near this neighborhood are several restaurants and bars. However, the largest establishments are their parks, as they also sit close to several other lakes in the surrounding communities. Lake Lancaster and its Park at the South, Lake Emerald, and Weldona and their corresponding parks at the East, Lake Cherokee and its park to the West, and Lake Olive and Lawsona to the North. 

Despite the abundance of nearby parks, there is still room for resident convenience, as there are also a few convenience stores, supermarkets, and schools. These features contribute to Lake Davis/Greenwood's reputation as one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals to move in and start a family.
Experience what Lake Davis offers without worrying about skyrocketing bills through Everything Solar's solutions. Through our services, we’ll provide the right solar products you need to supply your home with solar power while cutting down on bills and allowing you to spend more on what matters the most.


Lawsona/FernCreek is home to a sparse suburban neighborhood of over 1700 residents living in various-styled houses. It is located 11 miles from Orlando International Airport and sits Northeast of Lake Davis. The community has well-maintained roads, great furnishing, and excellently placed trees for shade, making it very walkable.
Near this neighborhood are several businesses such as restaurants and cafes for those wishing to satiate an appetite, convenience stores, markets for those who need to restock supplies, parks for those who want to sightsee, and bars for those wishing to experience the neighborhood’s nightlife. Its proximity to the main road means it is also close to a few transit stops, making it commuter friendly.

Residents of Lake Lawsona can now enjoy the services and solutions of Everything Solar, allowing them to use the sun's solar energy to cut down on bills and save money by availing of our services.

Bel Air

A neighborhood located 10 miles North of Orlando International Airport and just below Lake Davis, Bel Air currently houses around 600 residents. Most of them live in Ranch-style houses with large porches. Near this neighborhood is the Hourglass Lake, which accompanies the park to the south. Lake Lancaster and its garden are to the west, and Lake Arnold and Gillies are further east.

Additionally, near this neighborhood are several cafes for those who wish to relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee. In addition are grocery stores and supermarkets for those who want to do a little shopping and parks for those who wish to engage in outdoor activities. 

Residents of Bel Air can enjoy the benefits of Everything Solar's solutions; by taking advantage of the sunlight their ranch-style housing receives, they'll have the opportunity to cut down on bills and spend it more on necessary financial needs.

Lake Eola Heights

Lake Eola Heights is a neighborhood located south of Park Lake/HighLand and 11 Miles North of Orlando International Airport. The community contains various-styled housing, home to over 3000 residents. The area itself is very walkable, offering spacious furnishing and well-maintained roads.

The Lake Eola Heights is complete in terms of establishments, with restaurants and bars located south of the neighborhood, at Lake Eola, supermarkets and general stores located both inside and east of the area, and a few churches and well-rated public schools situated inside the neighborhood. There's also room for activities like the Lake mentioned earlier, Eola, with its corresponding park to the south, Museums and clubs located southeast, and other outdoor parks located a few blocks east. Due to these amenities, Lake Eola is considered one of the best neighborhoods for your professionals to live in Orlando.

And with Everything Solar, we can make that experience even better; with our solutions, residents of Lake Eola heights can finally cut down on electricity bills, allowing them to spend more on their families.

Orwin Manor

Orwin Manor is a neighborhood located 16 miles North of Orlando International Airport and sits next to Rose Isle. Over 700 residents stay in this neighborhood, most of which live in ranch-style housing. The residents enjoy the area's ample furnishing and double-laned and well-maintained roads. 

Near this neighborhood are a few essential establishments, such as convenience stores, shopping centers, churches, and schools. The biggest draw of this neighborhood is Lake Winyah and Lake Estelle, located southeast. The community shares a few spots with Rose Isle, such as Lake Estelle Park to its west and Lake Rowena Park to its south, along with Its friendly atmosphere making it one of the best places to live in Orlando.

Residents of Orwin Manor can now enjoy the benefits of Everything Solar's solutions, allowing them to maximize the sun's energy and turn it into usable energy, which they can then use to reduce electricity bills and save more money.